Fish and Flora Friendly!

Specially formulated for water gardening projects, PondGard liners are guaranteed safe for fish and plant life. Our extensive testing across a wide variety of aquatic species protects the life of your pond and its inhabitants. We guarantee (backed by a 20 year warranty) that our PondGard liners will not damage fish or flora. No leaching chemicals, no algaecides, no fire retardants like those often found in competitive products and roofing liners.

Rubber or Plastic?
PondGard liners are only made from fish-friendly EPDM rubber- no plasticizers or plastic byproducts of any kind. EPDM rubber is hands-down the best choice for you pond. EPDM rubber is flexible, puncture resistant and has unsurpassed UV stability even when left exposed to direct sunlight for decades. EPDM is also very easy to seam together and patch. Plastics, however, typically degrade quickly when exposed to sunlight and are difficult to patch or repair. Plastics can become brittle in cold weather, and are stiff and difficult to install even in warm weather. Need more convincing? Check out a This Old House Magazine article by Sal Vaglica called "Everything You Need to Know to Build the Perfect Backyard Pond."

The Professional's Choice
Landscapers and other pond building professionals have long recognized PondGard Rubber Liners for their unmatched ease of installation and their ability to conform to the shelves needed for creating natural looking water falls and holding plant containers. Along with being the professionals' lining system of choice, homeowners have also come to value the aesthetic and practical benefits that PondGard liners bring to their outdoor living spaces.

Easy To Install
With panels available in a variety of sizes and lengths, PondGard Rubber Liners can be easily installed using Firestone's dependable QuickSeam Tape system; which requires no special tools or utilities for installation.

Flexible For Creative Designs
Easily shaped to fit the size and contours of any water feature, the flexibility of PondGard liners means more creative freedom and the ability to accomplish even the most challenging designs.

Environmentally Friendly
Specially formulated for water gardening projects, PondGard liners are safe for fish and plant life.

Easy Maintenance
PondGard Rubber Liners require virtually no maintenance after installation. And in the unlikely event of a puncture, the liner can be quickly repaired on-site with a self-adhesive QuickSeam Joint Cover Patch, minimizing cost and inconvenience.

Lasting Beauty
PondGard liners display outstanding resistance to UV exposure, ozone, frost, snow and extreme temperatures. Developed to protect against microbial attacks from algae growth, our liners contain no migrating plasticizers, which means no cracking or splitting. This means twenty years after installation; many water features built with PondGard Rubber Liner are as functional and beautiful as the day they were installed.